26 August 2012

I'm afraid that I will not be around for the next few weeks. If possible, I will try to post a short comment at some stage; however, that is unlikely. In the meantime, I hope that those of you who have purchased the book are enjoying/have enjoyed it. If you enjoyed it, do let me know, either via this blog or via the online site from where you purchased the book.

21 August 2012

Buying the Book

The Space in Between is now available not only via the publisher but also via eight different online websites, including Amazon. Those of who live in Sweden may be pleased to know that the book can also be bought from adlibris,com.

Please note that orders placed with the publisher are printed in Australia, UK or the USA, depending on the whereabouts of the person lodging the order. This is to minimize postage. 

18 August 2012

It feels strange that the book is no longer just mine; now it belongs to everyone and anyone. Others will read it and will possibly give it new, different interpretations. It is like any work of art; once it is 'out there', it is for everyone to interpret in the manner that feels right for him or her. This is quite as it should be; I just hope that those of you who eventually read the book will discover something in it that resonates with some reality or idea or belief-system within yourself, making the experience of the book just that little bit more special and memorable.

15 August 2012

It has been a few days since I last posted anything, but things have been fairly hectic. Anyway, with the book now released, I am pleased to be able to give you all the information about purchasing The Space in Between. Click here.

08 August 2012

I suppose that anything following an audio/visual post is going to have to fight for attention, so I was at a bit of a loss as to what to write, then I thought of a comment someone made in relation to the video. It was a comment made by a woman who knew Nina in the latter part of her life, and she remarked on the fact that she had never seen photos of Nina when she was younger. For this woman, Nina was always a certain age - she had a present, but no past. What this woman said is indicative of how many of us relate to the people around us, and, if they are old, then, for us, they have always been old. We forget that they have had a past; we can even forget that, inside that old person, there is the essential person who has always been there and always will be there. Appearances may well change, but the 'essential' person does not change. Everyone has a past as well as a present, and an understanding of a person's past can often change our perception of that particular person's present.

04 August 2012

Book Trailer for The Space in Between

Annette (my absolutely wonderful designer) and I have managed to put together a book trailer, which gives a small introduction to the book. Hope you like it:

01 August 2012

That's probably enough history for the moment; however, even a vague understanding of the history behind certain events can help put those particular events into a better focus. Regarding the book: Because of circumstances beyond the control of the printer, the publisher notified me several days ago that the book will be released on the 11th August (and not on the 30th July as first thought). With this in mind, the draw for the free copy has been moved to the 12th August, which allows more time for any of you who may want to become involved but have not, as yet, had time to do so.