27 December 2012

 A couple of weeks back, I took up the idea that we really only exist as creations (that is to say 'collections of impressions, images and memories') in other people's minds. As a result what we are (or who we are) is limitless, depending on the number of people with whom we relate - on whatever level. The situation becomes even more complicated given the fact that each person relating to us (on whatever level) also has his/her own set of perceptions and impressions, not only regards us but also in relation to him/herself. Surrounded by such an intricate web of possibilities, pictures, memories, beliefs and misconceptions, I do not believe that there can be just one single answer to the question: Who are we? Consequently, in literature, there cannot exist one single, correct interpretation of any particular character, but, instead, there must be as many interpretations (all correct from different perspectives) as there may be books written about the person in question.

18 December 2012


For those of you who may be interested, The Space in Between is now on Facebook. This is the first time I have ventured on to Facebook, and I must admit that it was with some hesitation; however, I have now been convinced that it has certain advantages when it comes to spreading information. The page is purely related to The Space in Between - no private photos and the like. It will not be replacing my blog, so keep visiting.

I have been a little tardy with posts these last couple of weeks, but, as we come closer to Christmas, there is a lot going on, and certain things tend to be shelved. In my next post, I want to continue with an idea I touched upon a few posts back. In the meantime, remember the next Book Draw will be coming up at the end of January, and, to be part of the draw, you must register, even if you registered for Draws One and Two. 

07 December 2012

Book Specials

For those of you who may not know, The Space in Between can now be purchased by actually going into a proper shop (that is if you live on the Central Coast of NSW Australia). For the rest of you, there are a number of specials online: AoE Publishing is giving a 10% discount on the book during the month of December, and The Book Depository does not charge for delivery (no matter where in the world you may happen to live). Check out my website for information regarding the different purchase options and other possible specials.

04 December 2012

We are, after all, not much more than other people's collections of impressions and images and memories - collections that vary from person to person.  Who we really are is often unclear (possibly not even of much importance), not only as regards those around us, but sometimes even as regards our own understanding of ourselves.