26 February 2013

For those of who who do not know, I have posted a number of photos on the Facebook page I have for The Space in Between; these are photos from different places mentioned in the book. So far, there are photos from Rīga, St Petersburg and Kolka; over the coming weeks, I hope to add more photos from more places. The link to the Facebook page is on the right-hand side of this blog. If you are unable to access Facebook, let me know, and I will consider posting the same photos on this blog.

02 February 2013

As this blog exists solely for the purpose of promoting my book The Space in Between, I thought I would devote this post to some of the comments readers have made about the book. Promoting one's own book, which, in effect, amounts to promoting oneself, is not an easy task - most people do not like bringing attention to themselves in such a manner, and I, most certainly, am one of them. However, if you, the reader of my blog, are to be persuaded that The Space in Between is worth reading then I must be able to move beyond such self-conscious feelings to a point where such feelings are of no importance and where the book exists as a separate entity in its own right.

Some comments:

I loved Nina' s journey. Congratulations. I could not put it down for 3 days. (Kerrie)

This thoughtfully written book gave me an insight into the struggles experienced by people living in the Baltic States, specifically Latvia, throughout the first and second world wars. Sandwiched between the warring powers of Germany and Russia, they were powerless to prevent occupation and brutal treatment by both sides. Nina's story reveals a close attachment to family, sometimes strained by the necessity for living in cramped conditions as refugees, and by separations as some members flee invading forces and others choose to stay behind. Diane Eklund-Abolins conveys strongly the sense of despair and fear experienced by Nina and her family, but also the determination to make a new life wherever they found themselves. I really enjoyed reading this book. (Susan)

You have done an excellent job in portraying Nina's life. Your exhaustive accurate research both historical and political places all protagonists clearly in the despairing period that existed in Latvia and indeed all the Baltic countries. The word pictures you have painted throughout the book are most colourful and descriptive allowing the reader to be involved in the lives and actions of the characters. (Coll)

I am just writing to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book. I LOVED it!... (Ruth)