05 May 2013

As most of you probably already know, blog stands for web log (or web diary), and it is easy to understand how the b attached itself to the log. On second thoughts, this is actually quite a delightful image...

It is mind-boggling (not blogging) to think of all the different kinds of blogs there are: gardening blogs, poetry blogs, cooking blogs, blogs with recipes and blogs that explain how the solar system works, blogs that tell stories and fashion blogs that tell us what we should be wearing, travel blogs, art blogs, language blogs, humorous blogs, blogs about stamp collecting, history blogs, blogs about books, blogs about authors and blogs that tell us how to write and what to write, handyman blogs and blogs explaining how to build a kite or a boat or even a house... There are even diary blogs.

With all the millions of blogs fighting for space on the Internet, I am truly grateful to you my blog audience. Thank you for popping by occasionally.