Sifting information can be extremely frustrating but, at times, even interesting and rewarding, and, of course, the same applies to the millions of blogs floating around 'out there'. I decided, therefore, to give you, my very valued 'blog readers', a few links to blogs that I feel are worth 'checking out'.

The first one is called Painting on the Edge It is a blog by Keith Tilley, filled with his beautiful landscape paintings.

The second one is also an art blog. It is called Illustrated by Annette Abolins and it is filled with wonderful illustrations, as well as lots of useful information about how to move an image from thought to reality.

The third blog is Tima Maria Lacoba's blog,  which is all about her 'about-to-be-published' book, Bloodgifted -  a book about vampires. For those of you who enjoy being frightened, this might be a good place to start.