23 July 2013

National Bookshop Day

The 10th August is National Bookshop Day in Australia, and I will be at the Book Bazaar in Umina. So, if you are from the Central Coast of NSW, and you would like to ask questions about The Space in Between or simply buy a signed copy, I will be there between 11.00 and 12 noon. The address is: 327 West Street, Umina, and the phone number is: 02 4342 2482. Looking forward to seeing you there.


21 July 2013

Just a quick reminder about the discounted book: this offer must end on the 31st July. Information is available here

20 July 2013


I did spend a very short time on Facebook, and it is possible that you may have seen some of the following images on my Facebook page; however, as I am no longer on Facebook, I thought I'd post the images here on my blog. The photos are all from Rīga.


16 July 2013


I have now come to Nina, the youngest child in the family. She was eight years younger than Jānis, being born in 1906, the year after the first Russian revolution. Revolutions, wars and exile marked the first half of her life, but, even during these turbulent years, there were some islands of calm, and her early childhood was most probably quite happy.

Later, as the world disintegrated around her, she was protected by her brothers, until circumstances beyond anyone's control removed all of this support - a situation that could well have caused a weaker person to have given up. As a person, she was well-read, intelligent and extremely tolerant; she also loved cats. This is merely a short introduction;  The Space in Between is her story.    

12 July 2013

Background Image

The background to my blog page is actually a screenprint I did some years ago. I took the image of Nina from a photo taken when she was about forty.

09 July 2013

Discounted Book

Congratulations to those people who are already taking advantage of the 10% discount; I hope that you will all enjoy the book. Feedback, on this blog, on Goodreads or even on Amazon is always appreciated.

02 July 2013


The book giveaway has now been concluded, with more than 600 people requesting the book. The ten winners (from France, Poland, the Netherlands, Portugal, UK, Germany, Australia and USA) should receive their books within the next few days. If you were one of the 600 who missed out (or simply one of my very loyal blog followers) and you are interested in purchasing the book, contact me here for a 10% discount. This offer must conclude on the 31st July 2013.