Time has obviously got away on me, but I will attempt to rectify it with this post. Those of you who are from Australia will know that we have an election looming on the horizon, and, at the moment, the two main Parties are attempting to outdo each other by coming up with the cruellest policy to deter refugees from seeking asylum in Australia. It is very sad. No one consciously decides to be a refugee or an asylum seeker, but when a person is placed in such a dreadful position, usually through war or social upheaval, he/she should be welcomed and cared for. As those of you who have read The Space in Between know, Nina herself fled in a small boat: imagine if she had been met with the same derision and calculated cruelty as many of today's asylum seekers. For some reason, the expression 'Between the devil and deep blue sea' springs to mind; perhaps, in this situation, it is extremely apt.