06 September 2013


I've been here before, and I'm back again at the same point simply because someone was saying to me that The Space in Between should be made available as an e-book. What do you think? I, personally, would not read a book on a small screen; part of the reading experience is the weight of the book, the smell and the texture of the paper, the actual feel of the cover... but, of course, you've heard all this before. When I think of a book I have read, the physical appearance of the book is often part of the memory, and, while I remember the content, I also remember the book as an object in its own right. This experience cannot exist when a book is simply a file on some electronic contraption.


  1. I share your sentiments Diane, but I fear it is swimming against the tide. I used to feel the same about handwritten letters, but I rarely send or receive them now. You probably feel that you would be contributing to the demise of the physical book by having an e-book version, but do you want to deny people the opportunity to read it if they prefer e-books?

    Congratulations on your new fair-minded and caring Prime Minister :(

  2. You are probably right, Keith; I suppose I just have to accept the inevitable, and I probably should make the book available electronically.

    I assume that your last comment was 'tongue in cheek'? As you know, we really did not have much of a choice, and the man who ended up in the top position certainly did not attain that position because of his popularity... Perhaps we need a totally new (different) political system?