E-book, eBook or ebook? Difficult to answer, as I've seen so many different versions of the word; however, I would say that there is probably an imperceptible shift towards the word ebook. Whatever the spelling used, I am still finding it difficult to accept that books should be read on small plastic contraptions. By the way, has anyone noticed that the word ebook looks a bit like chook?

Despite my misgivings and despite the fact that I still feel that a book is a physical, sensory thing, I am being persuaded to consider the possibility of offering The Space in Between as an ebook.

I have to accept that there are now a lot of people who will not read anything that cannot be downloaded to a plastic contraption, so I am throwing up my hands in defeat. At the moment, I am reformatting the text to comply with ebook regulations - a demanding and frustrating task - and will, in all probability be able to offer the book as a digital option in the very near future. So, dust off your contraptions and get ready to push the download button.