Stieg & Me

Stieg & Me by Eva Gabrielsson is a book that sheds some interesting light on the author of the Millenium Trilogy, Stieg Larsson (1954-2004), and, to a certain extent, reads a little like one of Larsson's thrillers. Stieg never lived to see the unbelievable impact that his books about Lisbeth Salander had around the world, and Eva, who had lived with Stieg for thirty years and who was an important part of the conception and realization of all three books (and possibly a fourth), was excluded from the profits generated by the books simply because she and Stieg had never married. As well as giving a very personal background to the creation of the Millenium books, Eva's biography explores Stieg's rocky relationship with his extended family, his relentless pursuit of the neo-Nazi movement in Sweden and his founding of the magazine Expo. It is definitely a 'must read' for all Stieg Larsson fans.
 The Following photo has been taken from Bok, Janerik Henriksson / Scanpix