24 January 2014

To Finish or Not to Finish...

Do you finish reading a book that is obviously not your kind of book? I usually do - it is though I have entered into some kind a weird contract with the book,
and then I think that I would feel as though I was letting down the book, the author and myself by not finishing it. That said, over the years, there have been a handful of books that I have not finished (and I am sure that neither the books nor the authors have held it against me, at least I hope not). I am fairly careful selecting the books I read, so I usually don't end up in the situation of wondering whether or not I should throw the book out through the window or leave it on a park bench for some unsuspecting passerby. But sometimes I can be disappointed, and then the question is: to finish or not to finish...


  1. If a book *really* doesn't click with me, I'll put it down & that will be it (as far as the book and I are concermed). I try to give each book enough opportunity and time to win me over, but if we're on a definite downhil getting worse by the page - I don't see the point in prononging the agony ... :)

    1. That is obviously the sensible approach. I suppose I tend to think that 'around the next corner' 'after the next page'... but, you are right, what's the point of prolonging the agony?