21 March 2014

Room by Emma Donoghue

This is a book about a room and the two people who live in the room: Jack and his mother. Although fiction, the idea is based on a true story. It is well-written, and the first half is unbelievably gripping; in fact, I was unable to put it down. I loved the way it is written from the little boy, Jack's, perspective and how the actual situation, and the reality of the room, dawns but slowly on the reader; after all, this is the only world Jack has ever known, and his mother has made sure that it is a safe and happy world (within obvious limitations). The nail-biting tension of the first part works to a climax and is then released, so it is understandable that the second part of the book has to be different. I'm not sure that the second part is as satisfying; perhaps it is not all that necessary; perhaps we do not need things to be 'rounded off'. However, disregarding certain reservations with the second half of the book, I would definitely recommend Room.

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  1. Thank you Diane for another interesting review :)...

    I read this book not knowing anything about it, which meant that I was literally in the hands of the little boy as he painted the picture of his world and life as he knew it. I think this somehow made the story more 'felt' and the impact more 'real' compared to if I had known what the book was about beforehand. It is well worth reading, though I do agree that there are some questions about the second half...

  2. Yes, I do agree with you, Annette; not knowing anything about the book in advance does add to the suspense. Because of this, it was very difficult to 'review' the book; I did not want to write too much, but, on the other hand, I needed to give it some kind of form so that prospective readers would have something with which they could relate or, at least, to which they could grab hold.

  3. Also loved this book- one that stays with you for a long while after reading noodleBubble X

  4. Thank you, Lisa. I feel that one of the strongest points was that jack was so credible; it was not an adult talking through a child, but it was a child relating in a child's way to everything around him.