Tima Maria Lacoba

Something new. Each week (or every second week), I will be introducing someone else's blog. The first of these introductions is Tima Maria Lacoba. Tima, who lives on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia, is the author of Bloodgifted, a story about vampires living in Sydney. She has almost finished the second book, Bloodpledge, part of the same series, and it will be published later this year. Bloodgifted is available both as a proper book and also as an e-Book, and it is filled with much suspense, nail-biting moments, handsome vampires, and, of course, an extremely charming and lovely heroine. To read more about Bloodgifted, Bloodpledge and many other related and interesting topics, you are very welcome to visit Tima's blog. (Click on the word blog or type: http://timamarialacoba.blogspot.com.au/ into your browser).