If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern

It IS a delightful book in many ways. I was definitely captivated right from the first page, and the dawning realization that Luke's friend Ivan was imaginary simply made me wonder in which direction Ahern would be taking the book. I loved the way ultra-correct Elizabeth is slowly pulled into this world of imagination where the lines between real and unreal become completely and utterly diffused. Later in the novel, we are introduced to more imaginary friends, which, I suppose, makes sense; after all, it is hardly feasible that only Luke should have an imaginary friend. However, I feel that the story had probably worked better without mixing in Opal and Calendula and all the others. It is, at this point in the novel, where it became difficult to discern between adult novel, YA novel and children's story. But, my own personal dislikes to one side, it is a novel worth reading. In America it is called A Silver Lining. It has been translated to a number of languages, including Swedish: Om bara du kunde se mig.

    Photo of Cecelia from www.almamagazine.com