Loren Kleinman

My EIGHTH BLOG INTRODUCTION is a little different. Loren has, until recently, had a blog where she introduced books and authors; however, she recently decided to concentrate on her website, but she still does interviews on the Huffington Post.

Loren is a writer and poet, and The Dark Cave Between My Ribs, published in March 2014, is her second collection of poetry. As well, she has collected a number of awards for her poetry and for her writing in general. She is at present working on a novel (to be published in June 2015) and a third collection of poetry.

Her author interviews posted on The Huffington Post are particularly evocative and interesting, giving the reader much to ponder over, not only in relation to the author being interviewed but also in relation to life itself.

Connect with Loren via The Huffington Post, or check out her delightful website.