04 June 2014

The Creative Pencil

My Tenth Blog Introduction (and the last introduction in this series), is The Creative Pencil by Annette Abolins. The Creative Pencil is a wonderful blog, showcasing Annette's illustrations, sketch books, drawings and digital art. There are also images from a recent art exhibition.

The blog provides many interesting posts on, among other things, the art of drawing. Annette looks at all stages in a drawing, from the blank page to the finished work. Feel free to put forward questions you may have; you are also welcome to instigate discussions on art in general and drawing in particular.

Annette was recently interviewed about her work, and you can access the interview from her blog or by clicking on the link below.


  1. Thank you for your ever so sweet and generous introduction to my blog, I will have to try my best to live up to it :)

  2. I do not think you will have any trouble 'living up to it'; the work you do is fantastic.