A Life Fractured by Susan Hollingworth

In Susan Hollingworth's novel A Life Fractured, we first meet the main character, Eleanor Gregory, as a child in Colonial India where an imposed, almost inflexible, social structure often jars against the wild beauty of the surrounding countryside and the simple life philosophy of the native people. When Eleanor is five years old, an unexpected tragedy transforms her life, forcing her to leave India to begin a new life in England. During the ensuing years, she copes with a multitude of changes, including the war, and she crosses paths with a mixture of people, many of them famous. After the war, Eleanor spends a period of time in USA, and, when we leave her at the end of the book, she is on her way to Australia, full of new hopes and expectations. The thing that strikes me most about this book is its wealth of imagery: page after page of vibrant word pictures that are, at times, almost overwhelming. This is a book that paints a vivid, living picture of a time past - both in India and elsewhere - and it is, therefore, a book well worth reading. It is available on Amazon, both as a paperback and an e-Book. It is also available from other online retailers such as Powell's, the Book Depository and Tower Books.