Buying Books

The other day, I went online and bought a couple of books. I occasionally buy (physical) books online simply because there is no book shop near where I live, and, of course, it is so easy. However, on those occasions when I travel to Sydney, I actually do visit book shops, because, in spite of the convenience and the ease of online book shopping, there is nothing quite like the physicality of books in a book shop. The concrete reality of the book - its weight, the texture of the paper and even its smell - is simply part of the overall experience where pages can be turned and re-turned at will, without the need for some electronic prompt. 

Although we may occasionally wonder if physical books will eventually cease to exist, and although we may ask ourselves whether such a demise might take a form similar to that described by Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451 or that of a skillful battle plan put into action by a plethora of electronic devices, we do not have any answers. So, for the time being at least, find a good book, a comfortable chair, a favourite drink and enjoy!