As I have mentioned several times, Room Nineteen has a lot to do with how we view time: does time look like like a long straight piece of string stretching from the beginning to the end, or is it more like a complicated ball without any obvious ends? It is a difficult concept, and whether or not we feel confident explaining what it is, it is so much part of our lives that we would probably feel completely lost without it. Everything we do - work, eat, sleep, socialize - is governed by the way we, and others, look at time. At the moment, I am reading a book about a woman who crossed the Australian desert on her own with four camels. A third of the way into her trek, she threw away her clock as she had reached a point where time was no longer of any importance. I can imagine what a liberating moment this must have been for her, and perhaps this is a point we all need to reach at some time, if only to experience the freedom of being 'beyond time'.
The Persistence of Memory Salvador Dali