28 September 2014

News Update

Last week, the bower bird moved to another part of the garden - between some lavender and a clump of jade. He only moved a couple of metres, but it was a big job. First he had to dismantle the bower, strand by strand, and then build it up again in the new place. He is still moving all the blue objects and rearranging them. For a while, I almost considered giving him a helping hand; however, on second thoughts, I decided against it. I hope that his two girlfriends have appreciated the move and all the energy that went into it.


  1. And I thought moving house was uniquely human!

  2. Obviously it isn't. He has done it a couple of times before, but I'm not sure if it is connected to the change of seasons, or if it is simply a case of: 'What will I do today? I know; I'll move house!' Always lovely to see you here, Keith.