Take Your Best Shot: The Prime Ministership of Julia Gillard by Jacqueline Kent

This book, only 123 pages in length, gives a very good portrait of Julia Gillard during her three years and three days in office. It is intelligently written with many references to things Julia said, and it gathers together the highs and lows of her prime ministership into an 'easy-to-handle' bundle. Kent makes no personal evaluation but presents everything so that the reader can make his/her own evaluation. I feel that the only evaluation that can be made is that Julia Gillard, with her tenacity, her clear vision, her efficiency, her graciousness and her strength of purpose, would have to be one of our very best prime ministers. Although Kent did not refer to it directly, the contrast between Julia and the two men in opposition to her - Rudd and Abbott - is striking to say the least. Both men failed miserably in most of those things that made Julia the person she was and is.

Photo of Julia Gillard (above) from wwww.abc.net.au   

Photo of Jacqueline Kent (to the left) from