26 October 2014

Two States - One Nation? by Günter Grass

This book was written in 1990 on the cusp of Germany's reunification. While many were praising the idea of merging the GDR and the Federal Republic, there were a few, like Günter Grass, who felt that it was a step in the wrong direction. In a number of essays and speeches, he argues the case for retaining two separate states, each following separate policies in regards to domestic, social and political questions while, at the same time, sharing a definite German culture. The structure of the book means that it is easily read, and it also allows the reader to 'pick and choose'. Grass's arguments are well-rounded, and the book gives the reader much to think about, especially now, more than twenty years after reunification. Was Grass right? Read the book and decide.
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  1. Despite being distracted by the plume of smoke coming out of his nostrils; I'm sure it is an interesting book. Whether to unite or divide is a topic that, to me, seems to both enrage and engage people on a global level. Perhaps Grass provides food for thought (agree or disagree) beyond the borders of Germany? :)

  2. An interesting observation (the plume of smoke). I feel that, in his book, Grass was completely focused on Germany with her very special situation. Uniting, and eventually dividing, separate countries with separate cultures is a very different question; however, I do agree that Grass's book could perhaps provide some food for thought, even from that more global perspective.