Röde Orm (The Long Ships) by Frans G. Bengtsson, Sweden, 1941/1945

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Röde Orm, written and published in two parts, was a very popular book in Sweden for many years and has been translated into a large number of languages. Set in the late 10th century, it mixes Vikings, Muslims and Christians into an exciting and fast-moving tale which begins with the main character, Orm Tostesson, known as Röde Orm (Red Snake) - because of his hair colour and his temperament - being kidnapped by Vikings. During the journey south, he becomes friends with his captors but is later captured by Muslims. Covering many countries, Röde Orm, is a book that sheds a small light on what life might have been like more than one thousand years ago. 

When asked why he wrote Röde Orm, Frans G. Bengtsson said that he had no literary ambitions with the book, instead, he wanted to write something that was interesting. In 2016, the book is being adapted as a film by the Danish producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen. It will be filmed in Västra Götaland, Sweden.

The photo of Frans G Bengtsson is from sverigesradio.se