Till dess din vrede upphör by Åsa Larsson, Sweden, 2008

A detective story with slightly more depth than the normal run-of-the-mill detective story. The opening chapter establishes the suspense of the book, which the many quick turns and sub-plots manage to sustain. Several of the characters are well described and can be viewed on a number of different layers; they are more like real people and less like the cardboard caricatures that are often associated with this kind of novel.

I liked the way the author manages to tie everything together into a believable 'whole' without loose ends trailing behind. It is very obvious from the writing that Åsa Larsson is familiar with the north of Sweden, not only the landscape but also the people and their own special characteristics and turns of speech. The book is well written with a definite poetic awareness, not only for what she is describing but also for the language she is using.

I believe that the book is called Until Thy Wrath be Past in English (published 2011). I cannot comment on the translation, but the original, within the framework of what is expected from a detective story, is well worth reading. 

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Photo of Åsa Larsson from fkb.dk