45 Days: Walking the Bibbulmun Track

Although I have no intention of reviewing my own book, I can tell you a bit about it.

45 Days: Walking the Bibbulmun Track, published on the 28th July by AoE Publishing, is an account of a Walk I did with my son Jonathan. The Walk, along the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia, began in Albany and ended in Kalamunda, just outside of Perth.

The total distance walked was around one thousand kilometres.

We walked through all kinds of terrain and all kinds of weather, and, when we finally reached Kalamunda after 45 days, we would have been quite happy to turn around and walk back to Albany. The difficulties we met along the Track, including very bad weather, track diversions and, at times, actually losing the Track, paled when compared to the elation of being so much one with nature. The stillness and the silence were indescribable, and we later found it difficult to reconnect with the rush and bustle of civilization after so many weeks in isolation.

The book will soon be available from a range of online book retailers. For information about purchasing the book, you can visit my website.