Bright Air by Barry Maitland, Australia, 2008

A mystery that unravels between Sydney and Lord Howe Island, this novel by the very prolific Barry Maitland is well researched and captivating. Having spent much time in Sydney and some time on Lord Howe Island, I felt a connection with the setting of the story, and this definitely caught my interest in the very first chapter.

A story woven around rock climbing (with which Barry Maitland is obviously acquainted) and three tragic deaths, Bright Air leads the reader in a number of directions before, eventually, all the somewhat divergent paths converge. Josh, the central character and a member of the rock climbing group, returns to Sydney after a four-year stint in England. Shortly after arriving home, he catches up with Anna, another rock climber, who gives him the news that two of their friends recently fell to their deaths while climbing in New Zealand. Anna begins to draw connections between the two recent deaths and the death of another climber, Lucy, some years earlier. At first Josh refuses to accept that there may be connections, but, bit by bit, he is drawn into Anna's way of thinking. 
This is an easy read with plenty of suspense and action. A knowledge of Sydney and Lord Howe is simply an extra bonus.

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