The Bourne Ultimatum by Robert Ludlum, USA, 1990


Like the previous two books about Jason Bourne, the third, and final, book in this series does not disappoint. It is fast-paced, intelligent, well researched and difficult to put down.

Bringing the story of Jason Bourne and the Jackal to a close was no mean feat with characters flung between the United States, the Caribbean, Europe and Russia. Once again David Webb is forced to ignore his better nature and become Jason Bourne in order to put an end to the Jackal. Until the Jackal is dead, David knows that neither he nor his family will have any peace.

At times I felt the story with its large number of strands and many characters had a tendency to become a little convoluted, but it was simply a matter of ‘going with the flow’. Situations that momentarily seemed to slip beyond my grasp usually managed to right themselves further along, and eventually all the pieces came together. The unbelievable became believable and, in the end, the story and its resolution was all that was important.

Ludlum is to be commended for his political and cultural awareness but most of all for his very great gift as a story teller.

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